Metal Building Design

The advantages of metal buildings is abundantly apparent.  The use of metal buildings is nearly limitless.  It is the logical building solution for institutional, commercial, or industrial use. The strength, economy and aesthetics make it a clear choice over other designs, with  wide metal roof panels secured by  interlocking design water cannot penetrate, making the quality and life expectancy superior to conventionally constructed buildings. There also are significant savings in maintenance, and future expansion expenses. Our buildings are computer designed and manufactured factory perfect to be assembled on the job site. They are assembled quickly and from the standpoint of construction time making it very economical. Finally Metal is cheaper than many other building materials. Itís clear why metal is quickly becoming a favored choice over conventionally constructed buildings.  Our engineering team is has logged thousands of hours on projects such as these:

  • Building Footing Layout Design Sheets

  • Footings and Slab Detail Sheets

  • Commercial and Industrial Building Design

  • Churches, Schools & Recreational Centers

  • Shopping Centers

  • Warehouse Complexes - Mini-storage

  • Workshops and Garages

  • Riding Arenas and Horse Stalls

  • Horse Barns and all Agricultural Buildings

  • Small Business Centers

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